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Triathlon is a multi-discipline sport consisting of swimming, cycling and running. There are a variety of distances for the triathlon. For example there is a super sprint distance (400m - swim; 10km - bike; 2.5km - run),  and a standard (Olympic) distance (1500m - swim; 40km -bike; 10km - run). Even longer than the standard Olympic distance  is the Ironman distances (3.8km -swim; 180km - bike; 42km - run. There are also bespoke distances for youth athletes, and junior athletes while there are also duathlon (run, bike, run) and aquathlon (swim, run) events with varying distances. 

A triathlon coach can be very beneficial whatever standard you are to help you achieve your goals. Triathlon is both and endurance sport but also has a number of technical aspects. So someone to provide endurance coaching but also advise on the specifics of each sport that comprise the triathlon will be helpful.  For example warming up and warming down, pacing, cycling, swimming and running technique and understanding these fundamentals is very important whether you are doing your first triathlon or have been engaged for a while. Of particular importance in triathlons are the transitions (changing from the swim to the cycle, changing from the cycle to the run) and how you perform here can have a significant effect on your race. The transition is often called the fourth discipline of the triathlon so getting advice from a coach on how to manage these is important. A triathlon coach can help you develop a training plan and the benefit of having your own coach is that this will be individualised to your specific needs, aspirations and ability. Of course you can get some generic training schedules for free but and an individualised training schedule with bespoke advice is much better.

The best triathlon coaches will be able to apply principles from across the range of sport science to help you improve and this becomes particularly important as the triathlons you are doing become more challenging or competitive. A triathlon coach can help give evidence on physical preparation, nutrition and hydration advice specific to running. In particular some of the best advice from a triathlon coach is when to ease off and taper on training and not push yourself so hard. A good coach will also have a network of specialists who can input into this advice (psychologists, nutritionists, physiologists etc). Also if you are racing competitively then a good triathlon coach can be a very helpful mentor on race day, helping you devise your race plan, providing psychologist support and motivation for competition. 

So whether you are a part of a triathlon club, have competed many triathlons,  or just looking to get started a triathlon coach can be helpful. Wither the advice is given online or in person, a triathlon coach can help triathletes of all levels improve their endurance, speed and technique. 

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