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Thank you so much for using My Sports Map to find a sports massage therapist near you. You can search our directory by using the link below or by navigating to our home page. Whatever your needs, from managing neck pain through to having a sports massage the professionals listing on our site can help.

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My Sports Map are an online UK sports directory that lists sports-related specialists, clinics, coaches and business that provide sports related products. You can browse a list of all our the sports massage therapists or search our whole directory with the full range of clinics and specialists - by location. When you search our local sports directory you will search by what you need (e.g., sports massage, sports injury support) so our sports therapists may appear in a number of different categories depending on the need you search for.  Remember if you are searching for a sports massage therapist near me, you can do so quickly and easily on our online sports directory. 

The sports therapists listed on our site cover individuals with a broad range of backgrounds and skills applicable to sport. In general sports therapists aim to prevent injuries as well as assisting with rehabilitation. They work in areas of injury prevention, injury assessment, injury rehabilitation and sports massage. Examples of the type of services sports therapists may provide (depending on their specific qualifications) include first aid in a sporting setting, developing injury rehabilitation programmes, optimisation of pre-competition preparation so the risk of injury is minimised and refer on to specialist advice if needed. If you want your physical activity to be free from aches and pains the a sports therapist can help. 

Many also offer different forms of massage treatments, comprising a range of different massage techniques, including pre and post competition massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Remedial massage, Deep tissue massage, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular release, Soft tissue release and Trigger-point massage. The different types of massages offered can help reduce scar tissue, muscle tension and improve blood flow for optimum performance and recovery. The benefits of sports massage therapy can address a range of issues to help sports performers. 

Some of our sports therapists will be educated to degree level, having completed a degree accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists. There are also a range of backgrounds that other sports therapists may have. For example, they may be soft tissue therapists (including sports massage therapists, and massage therapists) who manage, manipulate and rehabilitate the soft tissues within the body. These soft tissues include muscles, tendons and ligaments. These individuals can be members of The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists and the Sports Therapy Organisation who are regulated by The General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies, or the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Some of our practitioners are also listed on the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council's register which is approved as an Accredited Voluntary Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. With such a diverse profession there may be other backgrounds too and you can see exactly which background each sports therapist has by viewing their profile, or by contacting them for more information.

On our directory we have sports therapists near you who offer services that address sports injury, fitness training and sports massage. 

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