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Thank you so much for using My Sports Map to find a sport psychology consultant near you. You can search our directory by using the link below or by navigating to our home page. Whatever your needs, from improving sport performance through through to increasing motivation we will have someone who can help.

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We have an excellent selection of specialists in sport psychology who can help give you the mental skills to succeed in sport. If you can't find a sport psychology consultant near me many sport psychology consultants also offer online sport psychology support. 

A sport psychologist works with athletes, coaches or teams to enhance their psychological approach to competition. Typically psychological interventions are directed towards performance, although sometimes a sport psychology consultant  will help with other issues (e.g., helping an athlete returning to competition after injury). Also some sport psychology consultants, if they have the right expertise, will also help individuals deal with broader issues around mental health. By understanding what psychological factors are important a sport psychology consultant can develop a program of psychological skills to help athletes and teams improve their sport performance or psychological wellbeing. Often these interventions will involve sport psychology mental skills such as goal setting, relaxation strategies, positive self-talk or imagery, but can also involve others such as counselling.

The professionals who list on our site offer a range of psychological support. This can include working with athletes and teams on their psychological approach. Examples of what the mental training can address includes helping athletes develop their psychological approach to competition, for example by boosting confidence, controlling anxiety and maintaining attention. Other issues where sport psychology consultants can help include the dealing with the personal expectations, playing in front of a hostile crowd, how to be an effective sports leader, and retirement from sport. Some sport psychology consultants also work with teams and to develop team culture and support individuals in the team to work together . Some experts also specialise in exercise psychology and work with individuals to enhance motivation and adherence to exercise. 

When choosing a sport psychology consultant it is important to consider if they are member of a professional organisation. While we try to ensure that the information presented is accurate for the members listed, please be aware it is your responsibility to verify, the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services you are considering using. In particular please do ask the person you are seeing, what their qualifications are and whether they are a member of a professional organisation or register. Below are examples of the types of bodies and professions where individuals who work as sport psychology consultants may come from. 

The only people who can call themselves a Sport Psychologist in the UK are those who are registered as a Sport Psychologist with the HCPC. The typical route to becoming a sport psychologist is to complete a recognized undergraduate degree in psychology, a masters degree accredited by the British Psychological Society and then two further years of training. 

Counsellors can also provide sport psychology support and provide an opportunity for athletes to talk about issues that may be troubling them and/or affecting performance. A counsellor offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental place for athletes to discuss mental health in sport. Examples of professional bodies in counselling include the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Some of our members may also be experts in hypnosis and use that as a performance enhancement technique. Recognised professional bodies in hypnosis include the National Council for Hypnotherapy; UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

A Sport and Exercise Scientist (psychology) has been formally recognized by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences as being able to provide scientific support in sport.

Many coaching psychologists also work with sports performers and there is a register of coaching psychologists also available at the British Psychological Society.  

If you would like to read some of our material relating to sport psychology then you can find articles on a wide range of topics on our page of sport-related blogs

Thank you once again for visiting our local sports directory to find the ideal sport psychology consultant near you. 

If you would like any further help in finding a sport psychology specialist in your area, or ones that offer online support then please contact the My Sports Team and we will be delighted to help you. You may also wish to consider our partner site Sporting Bounce which is a global directory of Sport Psychologists.

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