Sports Products and Technology

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The role of sports products in sporting events is increasing. Hawk eye is used across a range of sports from tennis to cricket and of course now in football for goal-line technology - after Frank Lampard did not have his goal awarded in the World Cup in the match between England and Germany. The instant replay is becoming an important part of the the "entertainment"  at sporting events as the crowds wait to see if the tennis ball is in on a crucial serve or the ball crossed the line for a goal. 

Of course there are many other examples of sports products and sports technology being used in the world of sports. For example drones are increasingly used to look at movement patterns and teach shape and formation during training in sports like football and rugby. Golf balls may be designed to provide greater grip and spin to aid control when chipping and pitching to a green. Technological development also extends to what we drink and eat. There are consistent new developments in terms of sports nutrition and nutritional products. Also, new products and technology applications are crucial in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injury. For example, sports orthotics may help with lower limb injuries while sports tape can be helpful with a broader range of injuries. 

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