Posted 29/12/2020

SEO Content Template for Your Company/Consultancy Website

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Buy an SEO Content Template Here - Get Intelligent Presence

Be smart about your online presence and get comprehensive information on what content you should include on your website page to help it rise up the Google rankings. 

Using our bespoke report you can choose up to three target key words and get information on what to include to be returned in searches for those keywords. You can also choose where you would like your SEO content to be focused. For example, are you aiming to return high in national rankings or do you want to focused on understanding what google searches return in your locality (e.g., town or county).

This report helps you be smart about the content you include on your webpage. Use this to inform your SEO strategy and grow your website presence so you get returned in more Google sports-related searches relevant to you and drive more traffic your website and ultimately your services. 

You will get the following information in each report:

  • Key words to include in your text.
  • Recommended text length.
  • Suggested sites to acquire backlinks from.
  • Readability level of your text.
  • Analysis of your top-10 rivals for each keywords and the text they have used to rank so highly. 

You can buy this product using the button above and you will receive an email asking you to confirm the keywords you wish to target. You can chose up to three. When you inform us of the website page and the keywords we will aim get the report done within the next 72 hours.

You can download a sample report below. This was done for a sports therapist who was setting up in Carmarthen, South Wales and wanted information on the following key words: sports therapist Carmarthen; sports taping; knee injury.  By clicking on the icon below this will give you an idea of the comprehensive and detailed data you will receive. You can also browse some selected images of the report in our gallery.