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Finding a sports clinic near you has never been easier. With our easy search system, you will be able to find local sports injury, sports medicine or sports therapy clinics at the click of a button. 


If you want to find a sports clinic near you then you can search by location on our local sports directory.

A benefit of visiting a clinic is the range of specialisms on offer from sports injury, through to sports massage, through to sports nutrition. 

A major focus of sports clinics is often sports injury. Our established list of local experts can help you in your injury rehabilitation. We have a wide variety of experts who can offer specialist treatment. Take your pick of specialists in sports medicine, from Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Medics. On our site we have individual injury specialists and those who who work as part of a multi-displinary sports injury clinic. 

The sports injury specialists who list with us are trained to optimise your performance and support your injury rehabilitation. Regardless of your type of sports related injury, from soft tissue to tendon or ligament damage, whether you are looking for a return to playing sports, relieving pain or perhaps improving your physical performance the wide range of sports injury clinics and specialists who list on our directory can can provide you with a bespoke service. This will cover treatment and rehabilitation exercises. 

Examples of common sports injuries are back pain, muscle and tendon strains, tennis elbow and ligament injuries. Examples of treatments used to address there are ultrasound, manual therapy, movement and exercise, heat treatment, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. Of course whether you are an elite athlete or a recreational performer seeing our sports injury specialists can be helpful to get advice and guidance to prevent injuries happening, remain pain free, and maintain peak physical performance. 

With experts across Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland - you will be able to find a sports injury clinic near you, on My Sports Map. 

If you have a sports injury clinic you would like to list on the site then please see our range of excellent membership packages.  

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