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What is Psychological Support

What is Psychological Support

Our professionals offer a range of psychological support. Many work with athletes and teams on their psychological approach. This can involve helping athletes develop their psychological approach to competition, for example by enhancing confidence, dealing with anxiety and maintaining focus.Other issues include recovering from injury and retirement from sport. When working with teams a focus may be aiming to enhance cohesion and help individuals in the team work together effectively and efficiently.

We have individuals with a range of professional backgrounds. To become a sport psychologist a person will complete a recognized undergraduate degree in psychology, a masters degree accredited by the British Psychological Society and then two further years of training 

 A Sport and Exercise Scientist (psychology) has been formally recognized by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences as being able to provide scientific support in sport. 

Counsellors provide an opportunity for athletes to talk about issues that may be troubling them and/or affecting performance. These issues may be emerging from their personal lives as much as their lives in sport. A counsellor offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental place for athletes to discuss any issue.

The athletes can talk about the issues or issues troubling them whilst the counsellor helps the athletes to make the changes they would like to make and work with them to improve their well being. Counsellors can help with a wide range of issues and you can see the type of issues a counsellor can help address here.

There are many different types of approaches that a counsellor could take and you can find out more information about the different approaches here. While there are many different types of counsellors it is the relationship a counsellor has with the client, rather than the approach adopted, which mostly determines the whether seeing a counsellor is helpful or not. Our counsellors come from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the UK Council for Psychotherapy.