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What is a Sports Therapist?

What is a Sports Therapist?

Staying fit and healthy shouldn’t just be about eating the right food, but also proceeding with the correct amount of exercise. If you maintain a high level of exercise in your life then you are prone to injuries which could be caused by aspects such as not proceeding with the correct warm-ups or you have pushed your limits too far and have caused damage to your body - whatever the cause, in order to recover to a normal lifestyle, you would most likely be set to meet a sports therapist. 

You will find your sports therapists in environments such as gyms, hospitals and sports clubs amongst other establishments - but what do they actually do? 

What does a Sports therapist do?

Sports therapists provide pain relief and exercise stimulants to people who have injured themselves through sport. Many athletes or sports members will be familiar using them for consultations, advice on how to proceed with a minor injury and of course, being seen to with an injury. The also often provide sports massage to his with recovery and prevent injury. 

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and a sports therapist?

A Sports Therapist: This form of therapist solely focuses on musculoskeletal rehabilitation and will have more general exposure to sporting injuries. With their hands-on approach, sports therapists treat pain and injuries and provide sports massage. 

Physiotherapy: These types of therapist assist people who are injured from a more ‘moving’ prospective. Utilising both movement and exercise, physiotherapists aid people who are injured, have an illness that affects the body or have a disability that needs extra care and attention. Forms of assistance can also be through manual therapy, physical education, and general advice. 

Where can I find a sports therapist?

You will find a sports therapist in a range of locations, such as sport injury clinics and local sports clubs, to fitness clubs and leisure centres. Sports therapists can also be found in other sport-related jobs such as coaching and personal training. 

A number of professional bodies regulate the sports therapy profession and these include The Society of Sport Therapists, the Sports Therapy Organisation, and the Sports Therapy Association.  Always make sure that the support you seek is registered and recognised with a professional body. 

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