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The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Sport and exercise nutrition is a field of study that has continued to gain more attention over recent years. Whether you are an elite athlete training full-time or are looking to get into better shape after work, nutrition plays a huge part in this process. Keep reading as we discover more about sport and exercise nutrition and some of the top tips to keep in mind for anyone looking to fuel their body for exercise.

What is Sport and Exercise Nutrition?

Sport and exercise nutrition involves the study of nutrition, metabolism, biochemistry, and physiology. As a casual athlete, you might not delve so deeply into what you are eating and drinking each day. However, for professional athletes, this is key for receiving the energy you need to perform to the highest standard. Sports nutrition helps with injury prevention, decreases muscle tiredness, assists with muscle healing, and increases energy levels. On top of that, it can also strengthen your immune system and increase your focus and attention span. What we eat has a significant impact on our physical and mental health, and as you become more serious about training, proper nutrition will play a massive part in your daily routine.

 Should You Eat Before Sport and Exercise?

Before working out, we recommend eating a balanced meal or a large snack roughly three to four hours before your session. Of course, this isn’t always possible in the morning, so you might want to opt to consume a small snack 30-60 minutes before starting. Your meal or snack should offer a balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein, which will give your body the fuel it needs to begin training. While some people do train in the morning without eating, for the majority of athletes who are training intensely, this is not recommended.

 Eating After Training Sessions

After you finish training, your body is ready to replenish the nutrients that it lost while working out. Within just 15 minutes to an hour of exercising, it’s best to have a snack to refuel your body. If you are close to dinner time, make sure you don’t leave it longer than two hours to eat, or you might feel fatigued and weak later on in the day. Your post-workout meal should also be well-balanced, with a combination of vegetables, fruit, protein, dairy and grains where possible.

We recommend a smoothie for a quick post workout snack, which can be packed with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. As far as what you drink, water is always the best option, and we highly recommend that you stay away from soft drinks following training sessions. Sports drinks can be a useful tool for anyone working out for over an hour, especially if you need to return to your sport later in the day.

Sport and exercise nutrition is something that anyone who works out regularly should be considering. If you are an elite athlete, it’s critical that you work with a professional who can recommend the best diet for your particular sport. By choosing to eat and drink the right food at the best times, you’ll find that you feel more energised and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Why not search for experts in sport and exercise nutrition on our directory. 

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