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My Sports Map - July Update

My Sports Map - July Update

Welcome to our latest update which follows on from our one in February. Clearly a great deal has changed since then. The world of work changed for many on the 23rd March in the UK with a nationwide lockdown to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many of us working in sport this had a drastic, and dramatic, effect as it was not possible to do any face to face work.  In the various countries of the UK we are slowly emerging from the lockdown, albeit at slightly different speeds. For example, it was good to see in England that outdoor recreational sport can make a case to return soon. This is of course following the return of many professional sports that are taking place in the slightly surreal environments of empty stadia. This return is of course, not a return to 'normal', certainly not in the foreseeable future, and there will be a new normal where we will adapt our practices and techniques in line with the medical guidelines and advice. As we emerge from this lockdown period we hope that in some small way we can contribute to your success and growth. Below is a little update from us and we hope the information is helpful in giving you some information on how we are developing and helping our members.

Moving on Up

We have been working hard on the visibility of our site. After all our purpose is to increase the visibility of the members, clinics, and companies who list with us. We do this though adding content, working on the usability of the site and focusing on search engine optimisation. We have seen a dramatic growth in our visibility. We now feature in over 110 sport-related searches on At the time of writing we feature on the first page in google for 'sports chiropractor near me'. We are also moving up the rankings in the UK on some of our other key terms including 'sports osteopath near me', 'triathlon coach near me', and 'sports nutritionist near me'. We will be working very hard to get those - and other key terms - on the first page of google searches in the Uk in the near future. 

Home is Where the Heart is

When people search for support they often search locally. So everyone who lists on our site has a personal profile page that acts as their own individual webpage and is fully searchable. So when people search for a service and a location (e.g., sports massage Buxton) then we will show up in those searches for those individuals who list with us there. Why not search for your area and location and see where you currently rank!

New Ways of Working

While we recognise that locality matters we also recognise that many of us have adapted our way of working since the COVID-19 Pandemic with online consultation being possible in some professions. We have reflected on some examples of good practice and factors to consider in running sport services online and you can find the article here

New Members

We welcomed a number of new members recently. These include:

James Maiden who offer sport psychology support in Hampshire

Matt Bottrill who is a triathlon coach in Coalville.

Cheryl Findlay who is a personal trainer in Edinburgh

We Run Ltd who offer running coaching in Stockton on Tees

We welcome all our new members! And also a reminder that we have a free listing option for those members who wish to take that first step onto the Sports Map! We also have a range of paid membership packages which are all free until 2021. You can see the full range of the membership packages here

And Finally ..

 ... we recognise that these are challenging times for many of us and we wish you all the very best in we wish you all the very best personally as well as in your career and work. 

"Data is important, but probably more for physios and doctors ... I've played under managers who want you running over a certain distance, doing a certain high intensity in a game and I've seen centre halves, at a corner, sprinting up and sprinting back to get the high intensity. That's not right. Mourinho banned it. I asked him why and he said he can see with his eyes, which I agree with. You can see if someone is not working" - Wayne Rooney.