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If you work in sport then get on the map! We are an online sports directory who list specialists, clinics and companies who offer support across injury rehabilitation and prevention; fitness training and strength and conditioning; nutrition; sport psychology; coaching; sports massage; and provide sport-related products. Get on the map to advertise your business today!

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Finding local and national sports expertise and products is easy with My Sports Map. Search our online UK sports directory for consultants, clinics and companies with expertise across injury rehabilitation and prevention; fitness training and strength and conditioning; nutrition; sport psychology; coaching; sports massage; and sport-related products. Find it on the map!

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Need to find a sport service near you?

Welcome to the best sports directory for your local area. We list experts offering great support near you as well as clinics and specialists from across the UK. We aim to help you find who, or what, you are searching for online. Our growing sports directory in the UK has many highly recommended local and national experts which include sports physios, sports therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, medics with expertise in sports medicine, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches and many, many more. These specialists offer support in the following areas:

Sports Injury

If you are looking for help with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injury near you then we can help you find the best sports injury clinic near you. We have high quality physiotherapist, osteopathic, and chiropractic clinics and individual sports injury specialists listed. From common sports injuries including soft tissue injuries, joint pain, pain relief and management, rehabilitation and injury prevention the specialists listed on our site can help. Put your sports injury worries behind you with the expertise of the sport injury specialists who list on My Sports Map - they can help put together a treatment plan, whatever your type of injury, to help relieve pain and get you back performing at your best. 

Sports Massage

You can find the ideal sports massage near you. Our range of local sports massage therapists offer a wide range of massage techniques such as deep tissue massage to improve blood flow, help get rid of aches and pains, improve functional movement, relieve muscle tension and help get you in the best place to improve sport performance. They will also be able to explain the benefits of sports massage including when it can be used both before and after exercise and sports performance. The individuals who offer local sports massage on our site come from a wide variety of backgrounds including sports therapy, massage therapy, sports physio, sports osteopath and sports chiropractors. 

Physical Fitness

Use our directory to find a personal trainer near you, or rather perhaps you would rather search for a strength and conditioning coach near you.  Whether your goals are to lose weight, improve health and fitness, or improve your athletic performance we can help find the right person for your fitness goals. So use our Directory to help you find strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers in your area.

Sports Nutrition

If you are looking for some experts in sports nutrition near you then we have a number listing on our site. The sports nutritionists we have listed can help you achieve your full potential by providing the right nutrition advice that can help in a range of areas from weight loss, increased energy levels,  through to nutrition for sports performance. The advice covers the range of sport and physical activity contexts. We also have people who work as an online sports nutritionist and can offer nutrition support in that way so you can get support at your convenience.

Sports Coaching

We have individuals from across a range of sports who can offer sports coaching near you. Our coaches work with athletes across a range of sports, ages and abilities. For junior and child athletes through to professionals and international performers. 

Sports Psychology

If you are looking to improve the mental side of your game we have consultants offering sport psychology near you. These includes sport psychologists, counsellors and mental skills consultants who worked across a range of sports, ages, and abilities. If you are looking further afield for support you can also find a global selection of sport psychology practitioners on our partner site Sporting Bounce.

Sports Products and Technology

There are a growing list of companies who can provide sports products near you and online who can ship what you need to your doorstep. There are individuals also offering sports technology services (e.g., drone services) who list on our site.

Need more clients, patients and a busy clinic or practice?

Join our UK Sports Directory to promote your services! If you have a sport service we believe your local community need to find you with ease from a few taps on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Indeed, 80% of all searches come through mobile phones as people find experts near them. Our intention is to bring you in front of the eyes of local people who need your services face to face. To help grow and expand your business or clinic locally, and your reputation as one of the best sports practitioners why not join our growing directory that already includes sports physios, sports therapists, sports chiropractors, sports osteopaths, medics, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches experts in sports massage and many other professions. You can join here

Using The Sports Directory

Please note we try at My Sports Map to ensure the information presented is accurate for the members listed. However, visitors should know it is their responsibility to verify, independently, the background, qualifications and experience of any member whose services they are considering using. As a UK Sports Directory we have provided some guidance on UK based qualifications. These are of course not exhaustive but we have done our best to give you some indication of the sports specific expertise you could look for. So to help, if you are searching for a sports osteopath near you then you can find more information on what to check for here. If you are searching for a sports chiropractor near you, then information about professional backgrounds can be found here. If you are interested in a sports nutritionist near you then information about the backgrounds of those working in the industry can be found here. If you are searching for a sports physio near you then information on the profession and qualifications can be found here. If it is a sports podiatrist near you that you are looking for then information about the profession and qualifications can be found here